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orange tree
growing tomato in greenhouse

Horticulture is the science of cultivation of trees, fruits, vegetables, flowers, garden plants, grass patches etc.
Horticulture encompasses wide variety of subjects like crop production, plant propagation, plant genetics, plant physiology and biochemistry.
This work also involves maintenance of nurseries, pest and weed control, improving the plant propagation methods, transport, storage and transportation of produce, and maintenance of mother plants. The term agriculture is used for the above activities when done on a large scale involving one or two crops.
When done at a garden level and in a small scale the same activities are called horticulture.

Many science disciplines like botany, zoology, biology, entomology, physics, chemistry, statistics, information technology, mathematics, genetics, landscaping and architecture complement horticulture. Horticulture is divided into ornamental plant cultivation and cultivation of plants for food.

The main areas of study in horticulture are as follows:

  • Arboriculture (studies concerning trees and woody plants)
  • Pomology (studies concerning fruit plants)
  • Viticulture (studies concerning grapes)
  • Oenology (studies about wine making)
  • Olericulture (studies concerning vegetable plants)
  • Floriculture (studies concerning flower plants)
  • Landscape horticulture (studies concerning landscape plants)
  • Harvest technology
  • Post-harvest technology

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