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What is agricultural engineering?

Agricultural engineering is a multidisciplinary study that employs science and technology to all aspects of agricultural production and processing.

This discipline combines various aspects of farming like land development and management, irrigation, farm structures, tillage, seeding, harvesting, transport, storage, processing, farm machinery, animal biology and plant biology with principles of civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronic and computer and information technology. Agricultural technologists have become essential personnel for the modern commercial farming.

Agricultural Engineers

Personnel with special multidisciplinary studies are being employed for effective and skillful management of Farm operations and agribusiness industries. They are required to improve production and profitability with proper utilization of resources and technologies.

Some specific examples wherein an agricultural engineer is required to contribute are:

  • Designing, developing, running and maintaining farm machinery, equipment, and structures
  • Development, preparation and proper utilization of land
  • Land survey and land profiling
  • Soil science, soil conservation and to protect soil from degradation and erosion
  • Development and proper utilization of water resources
  • Designing, developing and running irrigation machinery and equipments
  • Water recycling
  • Designing, developing and running livestock production activities like, animal husbandry, poultry farming and aquaculture
  • Management of farm waste including animal waste, farming residues, run off of surplus water
  • Environmental and pollution controls
  • Harvest and postharvest technologies including designing, developing, running and maintaining, harvesting, processing, preserving and storage facilities
  • Climatology, atmospheric science, yields monitoring, remote sensing
  • Designing, developing, running and maintaining organic and inorganic fertilizer and pesticide production units
  • Application of variable-rate technology
  • Aspects like farm energy management, biofuel and renewable energy
  • Improving safety of farm personnel during all agricultural operations
  • Establishing and maintaining data centers and a repository of information
  • Agricultural engineer is also needed for carrying out research, development, teaching, extension and consultancy.

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