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What is agricultural policy?

Agricultural policy usually describes a set of laws for implementing priorities in domestic farming and also laws pertaining to import of agricultural products and also export of agricultural produce to other countries. In domestic environment, agricultural policies are enacted and implemented to stabilize prices, ensure supplies and product quality, implement regional product selection for the particular crop season, ensure proper land use and encourage growth in rural employment.

International cooperation and competition have made nations to enact certain regulatory acts to govern their imports and exports. To protect the interests of their farmers and also their consumer population, policies and laws have been formulated from time to time by nations for catering to the particular situation and need.

Agricultural policy concerns

The agricultural policy of a nation is usually concerned about increasing the income of its farming community and also about enhancing the living conditions of its citizens. The enacted laws deal to address concerns in the following important issues:

  • production plan
  • financial management
  • farmland reforms
  • food price crisis
  • latest farming techniques
  • risk management skills
  • mechanization and labor issues
  • regulating seed production and distribution
  • resource access issues
  • water access rights
  • irrigation facilities
  • drought management
  • flood management
  • water management and aquaculture needs
  • regulating pond, lake and coastal environment
  • fishing rights
  • traditional use of water-bodies
  • grazing rights
  • energy requirements
  • regulating use of fertilizers
  • regulating use of pesticides
  • regulating use of of animal antibiotics and hormones
  • organic farming
  • crop rotation
  • crop holiday
  • challenges in marketing agricultural produce
  • investigating market opportunities
  • issues concerning harvesting
  • transport infrastructure
  • storage infrastructure
  • tackling storage loses
  • supply chain
  • wholesale and retail distribution
  • coordination and collaboration among agencies involved in agricultural production
  • world market conditions
  • maintenance of global competitiveness
  • dumping of farm surpluses
  • agricultural Independence
  • fair trade policies
  • management of biosecurity
  • developing and regulating animal vaccines
  • enhancement of biodiversity
  • policy issues concerning genetically modified crops
  • poverty relief.

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