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Making the bedroom sleep friendly increases the quality of sleep. Even after sleeping the required hours, if one still has problem waking up and concentrating on his daily works it is apparent that he must have had poor sleep and he requires to change his sleep environment.

Bedroom environment has a great effect on the quality of sleep. To have a good sleep it is important that the noise levels in the bedroom are low. Though people get used to noises like roaring of passing aircraft or traffic noise, studies have shown that these noises still disturb a sleeping person.

Sleeping girl
Sleeping girl
Image by Daniela Dimitrova from Pixabay

Eliminating these noises may not be in our hands, but we can make our room noise-tight by closing windows and openings. We can try masking the sounds of loud neighbours, barking dogs, traffic noise with fan, air conditioner or some soothing music. Ear plugs are a good choice in such environments.

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Current topic in Nutrition, Health & Wellness:  Bedroom and quality of sleep.

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