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Soft drink is produced commercially in factories and can also be produced at home. Production of soft drink requires clean sterile water, dry or fresh ingredients like concentrates or juices, sweeteners, carbonating equipment and suitable container.

Process of soft drink production

The foremost requirement in production of beverages is clean water and its sufficient availability. Further if the water is free from dissolved impurities, it will be a great advantage.

Soft drink Cola with ice
Cola drink with ice

Water is coagulated and filtered for removing impurities and suspended matter. Then it is chlorinated to improve its microbiological status by destroying the bacteria.

The chlorinated water is passed through activated carbon filter bed to remove all organic debris arising out of chlorination. In the above process the base water also gets dechlorinated and is further deaerated by vacuum pump.

This base water is then pumped into production batch tanks and the previously prepared ingredient concentrates are pumped in at predetermined quantities and mixed well with the water.

The production vessels are pressurized with carbon dioxide to prevent aeration during mixing and to increase dissolution of carbon dioxide. At this stage, the liquid is cooled to dissolve more carbon dioxide.

Now the drink may be sterilized by ultraviolet rays radiation or by pasteurization (a must for fruit drink). Then the liquid is filled into bottles or cans at the filling station and sealed with suitable closures.

After labelling, the soft drink containers are packed into cartons and shipped out of the production center to distribution points.

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